The art curriculum of Norfolk Public Schools serves to connect everyday life to the world around us. This is no small task. I focus on developing creative thinking skills, problem solving, and the visual vocabulary to help the students express their ideas. Our lessons compare and contrast cultures and time periods to our own to gain a better understanding of how people affect each other.  The students learn about a variety of artists through a connection with science, math, history, geography, or English. Materials and techniques are explored and practiced.

Grades are earned through a set of requirements that are stated and discussed at the beginning of each lesson. I look at what each individual student creates. I think that the students should be exposed to a variety of materials and techniques during the year. Grades will vary because of the skill level of each student to manipulate the different materials and techniques. I do not grade on behavior.


 My wish is for our children to gain an appreciation for the arts and the wonder of why people need to create.