James Blair Middle School

Blair Junior High School is named for James Blair, who, although a Scotsman by birth and educated at the University of Edinburgh, became a minister of the Church of England.  The Bishop of London, who was also the Bishop of Virginia, influenced him to come to Virginia.  In 1685, he landed in Preachers.  After a few years, Blair was made Commissary, that is the Bishop's representative, which he held for fifty years.  His greatest achievement was the establishment of the College of William and Mary, Harvard being the only institution of higher learning in the country at that time.  Blair's purpose was to found a college where men could be educated and trained, and where the Indians might be christianized and educated.

  While Blair's greatest work was in the field of education, we must not forget how he defended the people against the tyranny of the royal governors.  He also did much to improve the moral condition of the colony of Virginia.

  Blair Junior High School was completed and opened in October 1922.  The building, including the equipment, cost approximately $700,000.  It was named for James Blair, founder of William and Mary.  It was built to accommodate 1,200 pupils.  As there were 1,600 seventh, eighth, and ninth graders in this section, only eighth and ninth graders were admitted.  The seventh graders remained in elementary schools.  E. S. Brinkley, Principal of Monroe Elementary School, was chosen to be the first principal at Blair.  After serving one year Mr. Brinkley was appointed Superintendent of Schools.

  In September 1985, Blair Junior High School became known as Blair Middle School.  There was a major shift in philosophy from junior high to the middle school Blair Middle School now serves students in grades 6,7,and 8.  The ages range from 10 to 14.

  Over the years, Blair Middle School has had many dedicated principals, teachers, and staff members.  The principals who served the school over the years are as follows:

1921 - 1923   S. Brinkley    

1923 - 1926   Alger Y. Maynard

1926 - 1939   Joseph E. Healy

1939 - 1945   A. P. S. Robinson

1945 - 1957   William L. Harrell

1957 - 1960   Dr. Sam W. Ray, Jr.

1960 - 1962   Donald G. Griffin

1962 - 1966   Robert J. Steckroth

1966 - 1968   Richard G. Drake

1968 - 1970   J. Robert Batese

1970 - 1984   Donald B. Beaman

1984 - 1987   James D. Jordan

1987 - 1994   Michael J. Caprio

1994 - 1996   N. George Boothby

1996 - 2007  Sarah McKown

2007 -  Jeanne J. Kruger