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   NPS Professional School Counselors

Creating College and Career Ready Students for the 21st Century

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Darnita Belcher, Senior Coordinator
Lisa McDaniel, Administrative Assistant

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NPS School Counseling and Guidance Program Aligns with the School Board and Division Priorities

- Ensure Full Accreditation
- Increase academic achievement of all students, raising the floor and ceiling simultaneously to close achievement gap
- Improve climate, safety and attendance 
- Become Board of distinction
- Promote Norfolk Public Schools to reflect outstanding accomplishments of staff, teachers and students
- Develop and coordinate a capital improvement plan for facilities and technology to enhance teaching and learning 
- Attract, retain, and help to develop strong academic families and highly qualified teachers and staff

School Counseling and Guidance Mission Statement

To ensure that all students (K-12) regardless of individual differences acquire the career, academic, and personal/social competencies needed to access exciting options and opportunities upon graduation in order to become successful, productive contributors to society.

School Counseling Primary Program Goals and Services

The primary goals of the NPS School Counseling program are to ensure students are academically successful and prepared for college and the world of work upon graduation. Professional School Counselors offer a comprehensive program, based on the VDOE School Counseling Standards, which promotes the career and college readiness, academic achievement, and personal/social development of each student. These activities are organized to help students attain, develop, and demonstrate competencies in learning (academic domain), earning (college and career domain), and living (personal/social domain).

    • College and Career Counseling provides students with a multitude of opportunities to investigate the world of work and make informed career decisions, develop strategies to achieve future goals, and understand college and other post-secondary educational/career opportunities, including admissions and financial support. 
    • Academic Counseling assist students and their parents in understanding academic curriculum options, planning an academic program of studies, interpreting academic testing results, and developing academic skills that foster academic achievement.
    • Personal/social Counseling assists students to develop an understanding of themselves, the rights and needs of others, how to resolve conflict and to define individual goals, reflecting their interests, abilities, and aptitudes, along with the skills to be responsible citizens.

Professional school counselors teach skills and deliver services through classroom lessons, individual and group planning, as well as individual and small group counseling and guidance.  Counselors also provide responsive services to meet the immediate needs of students and their families as well as system support services that consist of activities that establish, maintain, and enhance the total school counseling program. VDOE requires that the counseling program for elementary, middle, and secondary schools shall provide a minimum of 60% of the time for each member of the school counseling and guidance staff devoted to counseling of students.


 NPS Professional School Counselors~Creating College and Career Ready Students for the 21st Century