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BookPALS Storyline Online

Your young readers can watch books come to life.BookPALS features video files of beloved children's stories, narrated by well-known actors and actresses.The stories, written by authors like Patricia Polacco and William Steig, include follow-up to boost comprehension.

Children's Books Online

Send your youngsters on a trip back in time.This site provides the text and illustrations of more that 2,000 antique children's books.From Peter Rabbit to Mother Goose, these classics can be read and enjoyed online.Books are presented in several languages.


Young book lovers will find contests, games, reviews, and trivia at this info-packed site.From A Is for Abigail by Lynne Cheney to Zink by Cherie Bennett, it spans an alphabet of great reading ideas.Plus, you'll find tips on starting and running a book club.(Miss Durkin suggests you check out the link to the Junie B. Jones site!)


International Kids' Space

Would your children enjoy sharing their writing with youngsters around the world?The Kids' Gallery contains original stories on specific topics, such as, animals, people, and science.Also featured is the Story Train, a collaborative story project.

Stories from the Web

When your youngster feels like writing, steer them here for ideas.They can choose story beginnings, written by famous authors or write their own from scratch.They can also try different types of poetry - from letter poems to limericks - and write book reviews.


Math Games

If your children are looking for math activities, have them visit the Gamequarium.It provides likes to the basics, starting with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.Online math tools, such as kids' calculator, are also available.

Math Forum: Elementary School Student Center

Your youngsters can talk to other students about math, pose math questions, and try the problem of the week.Math Forum also includes software reviews and a search feature for finding other math sites.



Cool Science for Curious Kids

Paying attention to the world around us is the there here.Your youngsters can examine the food they eat and the air they breathe.A combination of online and offline activities will open their eyes and build their skills.


Whether your young scientists are interested in archaeology, marine biology, or paleontology, OLogy has it all.The animated pages are filled with activities, information, and online delights.Visit the Hall of Fame to see winning kids' projects.

Social Studies

America's Story from America's Library

America's Story lets children travel back in time and learn the country's past.They can meet famous Americans, including artists, writers, scientists, inventors, athletes, and entertainers.They'll also discover America's favorite pastimes and hobbies.

Congress for Kids

Your children can test their government knowledge at this information-rich site.They'll learn about the Constitution, the three branches of government, and elections.Each section offers an interactive learning feature, such as quizzes flash cards, word searches, and puzzles.

World Almanac for Kids

Looking for information about U.S. presidents?The world's population?A timeline of U.S. history?Your children will find it at World Almanac.The Ask the Editors section gives them the chance to get answers to things they're curious about.

Virtual Field Trips

Exploratorium: The Museum of Science, Art, and Human Perception

Head to this online museum for current exhibits on sight, sunspots, and surfing.Hands-on activities involve food, living things, mind and perception, society, and culture.

Hubble Site

Tour the telescope and view pictures taken in space.Or visit the Fun and Games section to make a handheld Hubble telescope and an asteroid.

National Zoo

Check out this site to learn about the animals that live at the zoo.From giant pandas to reptiles and amphibians, visitors will find lots of photos and activities.


Blast off on a virtual tour of the solar system.Explore the nine planets, the moon, the sun, or a comet.