The words Program of Studies


Maury High School

Medical and Health Specialties Program



BioMed  *

Accelerated Health & PE 9*

Geometry or Hon Alg 2

Hon / English 9

Hon World Studies 1

Foreign Language

PLUS:   30 hours of documented, verifiable Community Service*



Hon Alg 2 or Math Analysis

Hon / English 10

Hon World Studies 2 or AP Human Geography

Foreign Language

Classroom Drivers Ed / P.E. 10   

PLUS:   30 hours of documented, verifiable Community Service*


Anatomy & Physiology*  PLUS 1 addtional higher level science course

Discrete Math,  Math Analysis, AP Statistics or AP Calculus AB   

Honors level or English 11

Hon or AP US History

Foreign Language

Specialty Electives* one additional higher level science course

PLUS:   30 hours of documented, verifiable Community Service*


Choice of BioEthics; Forensic Science or Sports Medicine PLUS one additional science

AP Calculus AB/BC or AP Statistics

English 12 or AP English Literature or Language

AP Government

Specialty Electives*  one additional higher level science*** see below 

PLUS: 30 hours of documented, verifiable Community Service*

***with academic planning a student may apply and opt to attend the Norfolk Technical Center for one of their medically related courses including: Practical Nursing, Pharmacy Technician, Dental Assistant, Home Health Care Worker or Medical Assistant. Please speak with Mrs. Christie for further details & planning.

Accelerated Health is included in the PE 9 curriculum. This class is an Introduction to Anatomy which all first year students are required to take.

NOTE: In addition, 120 Hours of documented, verifiable community service will be required to complete program requirements.

*Program Requirement

All students must earn the advanced studies diploma. Exceptions may be made for students who attend one of the medical programs at the Norfolk Technical Center (VOTECH).

Specialty electives offered include: Forensic Science; Sports Medicine; Physics; AP Biology; AP Chemistry; AP Physics; AP Environmental Science



BIOLOGY w/ MEDICAL APPLICATIONS: FRESHMEN: This course is the first in the sequence of required science classes. Included in the curriculum will be cell theory, bio-chemicalprocesses, scientific investigations and the study of life functions including theories ofevolution and natural selection. Specially designed mini-labs will focus on special sense and body systems.  Speakers, field trips and peer mentoring will support the curriculum.

NOTE:Students who have not completed Biology in middle school will also take Honors Biology. Students who have taken Biology in middle school MUST take BioMed.

ACCELERATED HEALTH & PE 9: FRESHMEN: All ninth grade MHSP students are required to take the specially designed Accelerated Health component integrated into PE 9. Essentially, this course is an introduction to  anatomy and will provide students an overview of thehuman body. Special focus will include medical applications as they pertain to the human body systems, including the integumentary system, the cardiovascular system, therespiratory system, the skeletal system, the muscular system and the reproductive system. Specific diseases, conditions and treatments as they relate to each of these areas will be covered. Varied enrichment opportunities will enhance the career awareness of the students.

CHEMISTRY w/ MEDICAL APPLICATIONS: SOPHOMORES: The study of chemistry will take on greater importance to the students in the MHSP as they explore in depth the intermingling between science and medicine. An introduction to the chemical basis of medications, chemical interactions within the body such as ion  levels, issues ofsolubility in relationship to tooth decay as well as reaction rates as they related to body temperature and organic chemistry are but a few of the applications to beexplored. Students will have specially arranged field trips to observe surgicalprocedures, clinical settings and specific lab techniques in practice.

 ANATOMY PHYSIOLOGY:  JUNIORS: Building upon the introduction to anatomy in the accelerated health & PE class, this human anatomy and physiology class will provide a comprehensive, year-long examination encompassing topics covered in all prior MHSP science courses.  Students will have an in-depth study of each body systems, including: anatomical structure,, skeletal physiology as related to the muscular system; the sensory system, the endocrine, circulatory, lymphatic, immune, digestive, urogenital and respiratory systems as well as homeostasis, diagnostics, scientific terminology and development. Students will attend classes held in the labs of the Eastern Virginia Medical School and have unique learning experiences including working in the cadaver lab and clinical rotations

FORENSIC SCIENCE: SENIORS: This course presents the scientific principles,laboratory and field methods forensic scientists use to solve problems.  Students will take on the various roles of crime scene investigator, scientist and medical examiner in order to collect and evaluate evidence in aproblem-solving environment. Topics include DNA technology and its uses, toxicology, anthropology, entomology, evidence law, criminalities and career opportunities

 SPORTS MEDICINE: SENIORS:  This course is designed to introduce thestudent to the field of sports medicine.  Students will look at issues associated with athletic training and sports medicine; focus on anatomy, recognition and treatment of various injuries and conditions related to the athlete. Labs will introduce the student to hands-on evaluation and treatment of injuries.  

BIOETHICS: SENIORS:Students will study ethical issues as they apply to fields such as health care, medical science and  medical technologies. Students will be asked to justify and/or refute answers to difficult ethical questions related to topics such as, but not limited to, human cloning, medical research, organ recipients, euthanasia, etc. Students will be given an in-depth look at moral philosophy as it relates to medical, scientific, technological and legal fields.