Ruffner Academy's Young Scholars Program is a multi-level program in middle school designed for gifted learners identified in the area of general intellectual. The program provides academically challenging and rigorous lessons incorporating the Seven Domains of Scholarship: knowledge & understanding, critical & creative thinking, scholarly preparation, intellectual disposition, relationships & collaboration, personal & ethical behavior, and autonomous learning. The program is designed for students to enter in the sixth grade and continue until the end of eighth grade.  



The Young Scholars Program is committed to provide challenging learning experiences for gifted learners through differentiated instruction, acceleration, and flexible ability grouping. Students are given the opportunity to further develop cognitive abilities, emotional and social skills, concepts, and attitudes necessary for lifelong learning.


Young Scholars Teachers


If you have any questions about the Young Scholars Program, please contact Dorie Banks, Senior Coordinator of the Office of Academic Rigor at (757) 852-4674 or dbanks@nps.k12.va.us. The office is located at the Rosemont Center, 7000 W. Tanners Creek Rd., Norfolk, Virginia 23513.