reading turtle

  The third quarter goal is five points.

The Accelerated Reading Program (A.R.) is a component of Ms. Wright's reading class.  This program is designed for students to independently read self-selected books on their recreational reading level, which means slightly below their current level, and then take tests on the computers at school or at home.  Points and a comprehension score are earned each time they test. Grades will be taken from their accumulated points and their comprehension overall average.  

There are many A.R. books in our media center from which to choose.  Third graders are permitted to check out two books at a time. Students have been instructed to check out an A.R. novel and a "short" book.  They are asked to keep the novel at home for nightly reading.  The shorter books should be read and tests taken on them either daily or every other day. The first 10-15 minutes of reading class is devoted to taking care of checking out new books, test taking, and silent reading.