The NJROTC uniform is an integral part of the NJROTC Program. It is required to be worn on prescribed uniforms days each week .  Cadets will be issued a complete uniform and each Cadet is responsible for the proper wear and care. There are no excuses accepted for not properly wearing the uniform. Cadets who do not properly wear their uniform will receive a zero in the grade book; not wearing the uniform that week will yield 2 grades of zero. On prescribed uniform days, the Cadet will wear the complete uniform the entire school day. They will not change into or out of the uniform at school except when required for certain classes/activities. Cadets will be in full uniform of the day when going to and from school including covers (hats).

1)  What if the uniform doesn't fit?
1)  Q What if the uniform doesn't fit?
Contact the instructors and a replacement uniform of the proper size will be issued. Note that students routinely feel that properly fitted uniforms are too tight/loose based on what they "normally" wear. Proper fitting is the judgement of the instructors in accordance with military uniform regulations.